Environmental Support for Energy Asset Mergers and Acquisitions

Contact Patrick Brosnan, Director of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Transition Services to learn more about how eSPARC can cost-effectively streamline your diligence process.

eSPARC analyzes the environmental risks and liabilities for power, upstream, and midstream portfolios.  Our experience includes:

  • Support for over $4B in realized acquisitions
  • Evaluations of:
    • 200+ Oil Wells, 100+ Compressor Stations, and 50+ Gas Plants
    • 8 Gas Storage Facilities, 9 Terminals 
    • 10,000+ Miles of Pipelines
    • 30+ Power Plants Including Natural Gas, Coal, Oil, Biomass, Wind, and Solar
  • Assets in TX, OK,  MT, MS, NC, NM, LA, ME, MA, CT, WV, RI, NY, PA, FL, GA, AL, IL, IN, MI, OH, AZ and CA, US Virgin Islands, Canada and more

Diligence Support

eSPARC provides expert assistance for your business with environmental due diligence assessments.  Our team integrates extensive technical and operationally focused backgrounds to quickly and efficiently evaluate the environmental compliance, expenses, risks, and liabilities associated with a potential acquisition.  Our team understands the time-sensitive nature of these deals and works around the clock to meet your deadlines.

Transition Services

Once the purchase is final, environmental and regulatory permits, records, and historical knowledge must quickly be transitioned. eSPARC provides continuity of environmental and regulatory performance during this crucial period.