eSPARC participates in Clear Lake High School Individual Study Mentorship (ISM) Program.

During Fall Semester 2014, Florence Rodriguez, an environmental associate at eSPARC, volunteered her time to serve as an Independent Study Mentor (ISM) for Clear Lake High School senior, Lauren Johnson.  As part of the requirements for the program, Florence spent two hours a week with Lauren in the office teaching her the basics of Air Dispersion Modeling and introducing her to the world of an environmental engineer.  During the course of the semester, Florence instructed Lauren on the various types of air dispersion models available for regulatory permitting and air shed analyses.  She advised Lauren as she prepared a complete Texas Health Effects Review analysis for a fictional bubble bath manufacturing facility.  Lauren used the AERMOD dispersion model for her project and prepared a professional technical report for her ISM project that included permit reviews, area and plot plan maps, terrain, receptor grids, and meteorological data.  She then presented her findings to a group of her peers and invited professionals.