Renewable Energy Environmental Services

After managing environmental programs for over 1.2 GW of wind and solar power assets during the past year, eSPARC is excited to launch our new Renewable Energy Services Line.  Our program focuses on 4 environmental programs that are applicable, but often overlooked at renewable operations: waste management, Community Right-to-Know, stormwater permitting, and emergency generator engines.  Facilities often need additional resources to develop and support environmental management programs during periods of rapid growth.  eSPARC has developed a customized environmental management program to respond to the unique environmental and regulatory concerns associated with the renewable energy industry and its business cycles.  We not only deliver high-level environmental permitting and compliance solutions, but also provide cost-effective, efficient services that minimize distractions for busy plant staff.

The new service offering is led by Kat Galloway.  To find out how we can provide compliance confidence to your wind or solar facilities, please call or email Kat Galloway at 281-217-8233 and