Summer Internship Program

eSPARC sponsored its first summer intern during the Summer of 2014.  Miss Betty Molinier contributed to a number of projects including wastewater permitting; air, water, and waste regulatory analyses; biological assessments; data review and management for air dispersion modeling projects; compliance history reviews; and waste management unit closures.    

“My experience at eSPARC has taught me a lot about environmental consulting and working in the professional world. The eSPARC family helped me feel comfortable with working on new assignments, each of which introduced me to another facet of environmental consultation. I was very happy at eSPARC because of the good office ambience and the knowledge and skills I gained.”

eSPARC is currently accepting applications for internships during Summer 2015 and Fall Semester 2015.  As a start-up company, eSPARC interns have the opportunity to work on a variety of environmental projects and develop a comprehensive view of the requirements to implement and maintain a sustainable compliance program.  Candidates must have the ability to work independently, with direction from senior staff mentors, and be able to develop technical reports, analyze and interpret data, solve problems, and work in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment.