eSPARC provides environmental consulting solutions—such as due diligence assessments, remediation support, and permitting strategy—to companies worldwide. We serve the full spectrum of businesses in the energy sector as well as general  manufacturers that require environmental consulting support.


Our clients in the Energy Sector include power generation utilities (both conventional generation and renewable generation). We are experts at:

  • Pre-construction authorizations for grass root projects and expansion projects
  • Building or improving environmental compliance programs
  • Managing waste, emissions, and materials storage
  • Evaluating impacts of new regulation
  • Development of sustainability management programs
  • Environmental due diligence

Oil and Gas Sector

eSPARC helps oil and gas facilities plan for growth and stay in compliance amid the myriad of new regulations. We work with our clients to: 

  • Plan and permit greenfield development and expansion projects
  • Build smart permitting and compliance processes
  • Assess concerns and identify solutions to daily operational impacts
  • Make sound business and investment decisions through environmental due diligence and protected audit support


We support manufacturers in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductors, paper mills, wood processing, metallurgical, etc. Whether the business is a new start-up, a project we are helping to transition, or an existing facility, we work diligently to return value to the owners and to minimize compliance risks. 

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