Manufacturers face increasing challenges to grow and maintain their operations in a highly regulated and price-sensitive environment.  We provide support for manufacturers in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor, wood products, aggregates, and others.

Our core competencies in manufacturing include: 

  • Permitting strategy
  • Air permitting and dispersion modeling
  • Compliance plan development and implementation
  • Due diligence, supporting sale or purchase
  • Environmental best management practices
  • Waste management
  • Stormwater

Whether a manufacturer is considering building a new facility or expanding existing operations, eSPARC can help. Our diverse team of engineers and scientists have extensive project experience and we understand the challenges faced in an ever-changing, competitive global marketplace.  We will work diligently to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions, while looking for opportunities to help our clients meet all their compliance and environmental goals in a cost-sensitive environment.