Environmental Assessment and Remediation Liaison

eSPARC acts as a representative to companies during the environmental impact assessment process, helping to streamline the experience for our clients. We also guide companies in the remediation of existing environmental concerns.

Explore our services below, or contact eSPARC to discuss your company’s needs.

Environmental Impact Assessment Liaison

Managing an environmental impact assessment can be a time-consuming, complex job. Partner with eSPARC, and your business can stay focused on day-to-day work while we serve as your representative. 


  • Coordinates between owners and assessment contractors. 
  • Represents owners in meetings with contractors to save time. 
  • Reviews documentation and data from contractors to ensure that they comply with rules and regulations.

Hazardous Materials Removal Liaison

Businesses turn to eSPARC for guidance handling hazardous materials.

We can assist with the identification, management, and removal of these materials, from a single substance in one building to a number of substances in a multi-facility portfolio. Our work follows local, state, and federal waste codes and includes:

  • Quantification and quality assessment.
  • Waste characterization.
  • Development of removal specifications.

Choose eSPARC to guide your company’s environmental impact assessment or hazardous materials removal process. Get in touch.