Strategic Environmental Services

eSPARC offers strategic environmental services for energy, refinery, chemical, and manufacturing businesses, with the goal of providing value-added, cost-efficient, and effective solutions. Explore our offerings below, and contact us about your facility or project.

Environmental Due Diligence

eSPARC can assist your business with due diligence assessments, Phase I environmental site assessments, and Phase II site investigations.

Transition Services

eSPARC supports clients during transitions of ownership or operations staff. We expedite changes in procedures, policies, and signature authority to ensure a timely and organized transfer.

Voluntary and Protected Audits

eSPARC works with companies to improve their compliance records and to avoid or reduce significant penalties. 

Environmental Assessment and Remediation Liaison

eSPARC serves as your company’s representative in the environmental impact assessment process and guides your approach to hazardous materials removal. 

Permitting Strategy and Regulatory Interpretation

eSPARC develops permitting strategies to tailor the environmental permitting process to your needs. We also assist with interpreting regulations to prepare your business for changes in the law. 


eSPARC offers the expertise to develop and maintain tailored Sustainability programs for your company.   Our programs incorporate the key tenants of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) principals, allowing your company to successfully avoid ESG risks while capturing opportunities to outperform your competitors.