Renewable Energy

Comprehensive Environmental and Regulatory Services for the Renewable Energy Industry

eSPARC delivers environmental and regulatory services for owners and operators of renewable generation assets throughout the project lifecycle.  We support due diligence efforts, fill the gaps in compliance and permitting services that can occur during the transition from development to commercial operations, and team with operators to complete routine environmental compliance obligations.

Facilities often need additional resources to develop and support environmental management programs during periods of rapid growth.  eSPARC has developed a customized environmental management program to respond to the unique environmental and regulatory concerns associated with the renewable energy industry and its business cycles.  We not only deliver high-level environmental permitting and compliance solutions but also to provide cost-effective, efficient services that minimize distractions for busy plant staff.  At eSPARC, environmental compliance is our business and serving energy facilities is our expertise.  

eSPARC’s program focuses on four environmental programs that are applicable to solar and wind facilities, but are often overlooked:

1) Waste Management

  • Developing initial waste management plans;
  • Characterizing waste for disposal;
  • Coordinating transportation of wastes with the waste shipper;
  • Recordkeeping for waste manifests and supporting documentation; and
  • Establishing a leadership team to call for questions and emergencies.

2) Community Right-to-Know applicability and Tier II Reporting

  • Determining applicability of Tier II reporting requirements;
  • Recordkeeping to support non-applicability or reporting, as appropriate; and
  • Preparing and filing Tier II reports, including off-schedule “catch up” reports.

3) Stormwater Construction Permit Closeout

  • Advising field staff on Best Management Practices (BMPs) for sediment management and erosion control to reach stabilization goals quickly;
  • Inspection support;
  • Recordkeeping; and
  • Developing documentation to terminate the permit when obligations are fulfilled.

4) Emergency Generator Air Permitting and Recordkeeping

  • Determining the requirements for your particular emergency generators;
  • Securing air permits when needed;
  • Designing a generator compliance program; and
  • Recordkeeping for generator maintenance and run-time. 

To find out how we can provide compliance confidence to your wind or solar facilities, please contact Andreana Madar by phone at 281-333-3339 (ext. 208) or by email at