Environmental Due Diligence

eSPARC reduces your exposure to business risk by examining the current and future compliance and regulatory status of potential acquisitions and investment opportunities. Our team is knowledgeable about multimedia environmental issues and has extensive experience working with both ownership and operations teams. We leverage this experience and our deep understanding of regulatory and compliance risks to provide timely and effective environmental due diligence assessments.

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Due Diligence Assessment

Clients rely on eSPARC for environmental due diligence assessments because of our expertise, attention to detail, ability to balance regulatory requirements with cost efficiency, and client support. We offer:

  • Data room reviews within a short span of time.
  • Quick-turn reviews of public environmental permits and data (both state and federal).
  • Evaluation of applicable regulations.
  • Strategic review of environmental liability issues.
  • Experts with multi-lingual skills (Spanish, French, and English).

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

eSPARC gives businesses a clear and unambiguous understanding of a property’s environmental risks. This may include:

  • A records review to identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs). We generally explore environmental databases; RCRA, NPL, and CERCLIS facility listings; state and local agency records; historical aerial photographs and topographic maps; city directories; Sanborn fire insurance maps; and past assessments reports.
  • Site reconnaissance. We use an experienced environmental professional to assess the subject site and adjoining properties.
  • In-depth interviews with the land owner, tenants, past tenants (if available), and report recipients to gather as much relevant information as possible.

At the conclusion of the investigation, we prepare a concise and actionable report that covers all of our findings and recommendations.

Phase II Site Investigations

eSPARC assists clients in making informed business decisions about properties by providing essential information about environmental quality. We:

  • Use information from the Phase I ESA to confirm the presence or absence of RECs.
  • Create a tailored scope of work according to contamination findings, identifying the most important concerns to reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Help clients understand the risks and evaluate their risk tolerance.

As part of Phase II site investigations, we typically perform sampling and analysis (soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water); differentiate contaminant sources; characterize the risks; and survey sensitive receptors.

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