Environmental Due Diligence Projects

eSPARC can assist your business with environmental due diligence assessments.  Our team integrates our extensive technical and operationally focused backgrounds to efficiently evaluate the environmental risks associated with a potential acquisition or investment opportunity.  Our technical diligence reports focus on the identification of impending permitting and regulatory requirements in all environmental media, which can result in otherwise unforeseen costs or legal issues for purchasers and lenders.  eSPARC has collaborated with dozens of operational, financial, and asset management firms to produce numerous technical due diligence projects.  Click on a project to learn more. 

Peaking Facilities– Texas

  • Reviewed construction plans and EPC pre-construction filings for adequacy and alignment with both regulatory requirements and future operator expectations.  Prepared punch-list identifying key permits, registrations, and notifications that were required during the construction phase of the project. 

Power Generation Portfolios including Gas and Coal Facilities

  • Florida, California, and Arkansas. Provided due diligence assessment services for three natural gas-fired power plants, a dual fuel simple cycle peaking facility, and a coal-fired power generation facility.
  • Illinois. Conducted an environmental and permitting due diligence assessment of two natural gas power generation facilities. 
  • Midwest. Provided the due diligence analysis of a 2 GWh coal facility, two combined cycle facilities, and one peaking facility.
  • North and Northeast. Reviewed regulatory compliance materials, publicly available information, and emerging environmental regulations that could impact operations of the plants in the portfolio.

Combined-Cycle Power Plant – Arizona

  • Provided due diligence assessment services for one unit in a 2,144 MW combined cycle facility. The facility is comprised of four identical power blocks with each block consisting of gas turbines paired with a HRSG for providing steam to a steam turbine generator. 

Terminals– Texas

  • Marine Terminals: Conducted a site visit and performed a high level environmental due diligence assessment of two marine terminals in the Houston Ship Channel.
  • Tank & Truck Loading Terminals: Conducted technical due diligence and analysis of a Tank and Truck Loading Terminal that handled bulk diesel and biodiesel as well as trucks and trailers for transporting product.

Power Plants – Texas

  • Performed environmental due diligence services for several power generation facilities in Texas, including a 305 MW lignite-fired power plant, a 600 MW natural-gas fired cogeneration facility, and a 500 MW natural gas fired combined cycle facility. 


  • Port Arthur, TX: Supported a preliminary due diligence review for a refinery by assessing the Phase 1 ESAs for the facility.
  • Caribbean: Supported the due diligence pre-acquisition review. 

Gas Storage Facilities– Canada, California, and Oklahoma

  • Supported the pre-acquisition due diligence of three gas storage facilities.