Environmental Assessment and Remediation Liason Project

eSPARC serves as your company representative in the environmental assessment and remediation process, including overseeing environmental investigation and remediation activities, reviewing remediation work plans and reports, and assisting with the identification and management of hazardous wastes.

New Jersey ISRA/Preliminary Assessment Assistance

S&S Deconstruction: eSPARC assisted S&S Deconstruction and its other subconsultants with the New Jersey Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) Preliminary Assessment (PA) of the 150-acre former Griffin Pipe Products Company (GPP) in Florence, New Jersey.  eSPARC’s portion of the work consisted of a desktop review of the ISRA PA for specific parcels of land.

eSPARC obtained the necessary environmental database records (environmental radius report, historical aerial photographs, historical topographic maps, fire insurance maps, and report user and land owner questionnaires) for the parcels. The subtasks included the following:

  • Current site and previous owner/operator interviews
  • Aerial photograph reviews for the site and adjacent properties
  • Sanborn map reviews for the site and adjacent properties
  • Government records radius report review