Permitting & Compliance

eSPARC guides energy, refining, oil and gas, chemical, and manufacturing businesses in resolving their compliance concerns. Our services help clients understand the requirements of the law, identify opportunities for bringing their operations into compliance, and implement effective change in a cost-efficient manner.

To achieve these goals, eSPARC develops tools and prepares routine report submissions for clients, including:

  • Monthly reporting:

          -NPDES Permit reporting (netDMR)
          -Reporting to surface water agencies
          -EIA 923M, 860M

  • Quarterly reporting:

          -Part 75 ECMPS
         -Groundwater Production reporting

  • Semiannual reporting:

           -NSPS and MACT
           -Title V semiannual deviation and compliance
           -Chronic and Acute Biomonitoring reporting
           -RATA Submittals

  • Annual reporting:

          -Air Emissions Inventory
          -GHG reporting via eGGRT
          -Tier II reporting via Tier2Submit
          -Annual Waste Summary
          -Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) reporting
          -PUCT 25.476 Electricity Labeling
          -PUCT 25.91 Generator
          -Annual EIA 860
          -Annual EIA-923 Supplemental Report
          -RATA Submittals
          -Emergency Response Plan Updates (i.e, ISO and Public Utility Commission requirements)
          -Weather Emergency Preparedness Reports

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