Oil & Gas


eSPARC’s core service offerings to the oil and gas market are focused on environmental permitting and compliance.  eSPARC helps oil and gas facilities plan for growth and stay in compliance amid the myriad of new regulations.  We work with clients to:

  • Plan and permit greenfield development and expansion projects
  • Build smart permitting and compliance processes
  • Assess concerns and identify solutions to daily operational impacts
  • Identify environmental risks through due diligence and protected audit services

Functional Expertise

Through our affiliation with CAMS and its subsidiary companies, we are uniquely able to provide the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors with not only expert environmental services, but also the full suite of asset management services provided by CAMS.Through the oil and gas asset development life-cycle, eSPARC and CAMS provide the following services to top oil and gas producers:

There has been an evolution in air permitting and compliance in the oil and gas industry over the last several years, and the most successful environmental managers have incorporated four prevailing strategies into their programs.  Learn more about these successful strategies from our latest white paper: “Managing Air Permitting and Compliance in Today’s Oil Market.” Attached below.