Sustainability Program Development and Reporting Project

eSPARC develops and maintains tailored Sustainability Programs that incorporate the key tenants of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.  Our programs are designed to help companies avoid ESG risks, while capturing opportunities to enhance their sustainability profile.   eSPARC has developed meaningful, industry-specific, data-centric ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), for many energy-related sectors.  These KPIs are a valuable tool for performance measurement that may be used to identify, track, and manage ESG risks and opportunities.   As the importance of ESG reporting continues to grow within stock markets, investors are seeking companies with a solid sustainability record.  eSPARC can help build and communicate your sustainability platform.

Our sector-specific ESG KPIs  provide a valuable tool for performance measurement, risk management, and identification of material opportunities for expanding your Sustainability program.

Private Equity Firm

  • ESG Management and Stakeholder Engagement Program: eSPARC designed a tailored Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Program for a $16.5 billion Private Equity firm targeting investments in the midstream, power and production sectors.  The eSPARC ESG program incorporates quantitative sector-specific ESG metrics to monitor ESG performance of the individual investments holdings.  eSPARC continues to support the firm in the update of its Sustainability Policy and will support the development of the firm’s first Annual ESG Report.