Combined-Cycle Power Plant

Due Diligence

Combined-Cycle Power Plant in Maricopa County, Arizona: eSPARC provided due diligence assessment services for one Unit in a  2,144 MW combined cycle facility. The facility is comprised of four identical power blocks with each block consisting of gas turbines paired with a HRSG for providing steam to a steam turbine generator. Go back to Representative Environmental Due Diligence Projects

Specific tasks completed as part of this effort included:

  • Review of Annual Title V Compliance Program
  • Evaluation of SPCC plan, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3), Waste Program and Registration, Aquifer Protection Permit, storage tank authorizations and groundwater well distribution
  • Examination of the facility‚Äôs zero liquid discharge status
  • Identification of future emission costs 
  • High level analysis of the environmental, safety and regulatory compliance performance of the relevant unit