Natural Gas and Coal Power Generation Facilities

Due Diligence

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Natural Gas Power Generation in Aurora & Rockford Illinois:

eSPARC conducted an environmental and permitting due diligence analysis of natural gas power generation facilities in this portfolio.

Natural Gas Power Plants, Peaking Facility, and Coal Power Generation Facility in Florida, California, and Arkansas:

eSPARC provided environmental due diligence assessment services for three natural gas-fired power plants, a dual fuel simple cycle peaking facility and a coal-fired power generation facility in the portfolio. 

Power Generation Facilities in the North and Northeast:

eSPARC performed a review of the regulatory compliance materials, publicly available information, and emerging environmental regulations that could impact operations of the plants in the portfolio.

For each project, eSPARC executed a wide array of specialized tasks, including:

  • Review of Phase 1 ESAs and Phase II ESAs
  • Assessment of plant performance, equipment condition, operation and maintenance programs, and regulatory compliance
  • Evaluation of EPCRA TRI/Tier II Reporting and air permitting requirements
  • Evaluation of Storm Water and Spill Management Plans, 316 (b) compliance, Power Plant Industrial General Permit (IGP), Sanitary Landfill Runoff General Permit (SLRGP) 
  • Appraisal of the Applicability of Cap and Trade Program for a Title V facility’s waste program including the Coal Combustion Remedial (CCR) rule
  • Review of new and upcoming air regulatory requirements
  • Review of active remediation projects
  • Evaluation of preconstruction permitting actions, Storm Water and Spill Management Plans and facility‚Äôs waste program.
  • Review of active remediation projects
  • Analysis of water supply sources and State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit applicability and requirements, and Effluent Limitations Guidelines for Steam Electric Power Generation
  • Review of operational limitations and air permit revisions
  • Evaluation of other Air Regulatory Requirements and Air Compliance Records including: Clean Power Plan; Quarterly, Semiannual and Annual Compliance Reports; Annual Stack Testing; Boiler MACT; New Source Performance Standards (NSPS); and Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS)
  • Appraisal of the allowance considerations for the relevant state level cap and trade Programs for SOx, NOx and greenhouse gases
  • Review of state-specific regulatory analyses
  • Review of risk management and process safety programs