Due Diligence

Caribbean Refinery

eSPARC supported the due diligence pre-acquisition review of a refinery and marine terminal. Go back to Representative Environmental Due Diligence Projects.

This included the following tasks: 

  • Environmental permitting and license review:
    • Air permits
    • -Resource Conservation and Recovery Permit
    • -Territorial Pollution Discharge Elimination Permit
    • -Coastal Zone Management Permit
    • -Terminal Facility License
    • -Underground Storage Tanks Operating Permit
    • -Hazardous Waste Generation and Special Solid Waste Permits
    • -Nuclear Regulatory Commission License
    • -Groundwater Permit
    • -Submerged Land Permit
  • Emergency Response Plans:
    • Integrated Contingency Plan
    • Risk Management Plan
    • Emergency Action Plan
  • Phase 1 ESA for the site
  • Analysis of potential environmental liabilities and high level assessment of potential remediation-related costs
  • Review of permit compliance status
  • Regulatory impact assessment of new and forthcoming regulations
  • Assessment of Consent Decree and other non-regulatory environmental obligations