Permitting Strategy and Regulatory Interpretation

eSPARC’s permitting strategy and regulatory interpretation services are tailored to each client’s needs. We follow a strategic, cost-effective approach to help companies complete their projects and to prepare for their post-permit issuance compliance objectives.

Learn more about our permitting services below, or contact eSPARC to discuss your business’ needs.

Permitting Strategy

Companies may face different permit and regulatory requirements depending on their operations and emissions. For this reason, they choose eSPARC to establish a strategic approach before they develop a permit application. We can: 

  • Review a company’s operational, emissions, permitting, and regulatory requirements.
  • Determine if there are permitting options that will make a project more viable.
  • Recommend control requirements and equipment that can speed up the permitting process when time is an important factor.
  • Conduct a detailed “best available control technology” (BACT) analysis to determine the most cost-effective approach.

After eSPARC creates a permitting strategy, we assist businesses in obtaining the required air, water, and waste permits.

Regulatory Interpretation  

Changes in environmental regulations can significantly impact any business. eSPARC supports companies affected by new regulations by interpreting the changes in the context of their operations and making them aware of future requirements. To serve our clients, we:

  • Regularly communicate with environmental governing bodies.
  • Conduct in-depth regulatory determinations.
  • Explain when and how regulations may impact their business.

Create and implement a strategy for your company and stay informed of regulatory requirements. Contact eSPARC.