Kat Galloway, eSPARC’s Oil and Gas Leader, receives recognition from the TCEQ EnviroMentor Program

eSPARC: Congratulations, Kat!  Tell me about your involvement in the TCEQ EnviroMentor Program.

Kat: The EnviroMentor Program assists small businesses and local governments with environmental regulations.  The program connects these businesses with technical and legal experts in the environmental field who are willing to donate their time and lend a hand.

eSPARC: How long have you been involved in this program?

Kat: I enjoy volunteering to my skillset when I can – I have been an EnviroMentor for 3-4 years now.

eSPARC: As a busy mom and full-time consultant, how do you make time to volunteer?

Kat: The EnviroMentor program is very flexible.  I always try to maintain a life-work balance (not a “work-life” balance), and I volunteer when the timing makes sense.  I owe it to these businesses and local governments to give them my full attention when I do volunteer.

eSPARC: What are some examples of projects you have worked on as an EnviroMentor?

Kat: I have always focused on air permitting, since that is my specialty.  I volunteered over 40 hours of time this last year helping a small oilfield services company come into compliance with an air permit.  This was a great fit for me as a leader in the oil and gas sector.  The operational changes we implemented to the facility allowed the client to stay in business and provide emissions reductions to the local environment.  A Win-Win!

eSPARC: Keep it up, Kat!

For more information on TCEQ’s EnviroMentor program, visit https://www.tceq.texas.gov/assistance/em