Responding to EPA’s Oil and Gas Information Collection Request

Check your mailbox: The US EPA is seeking information about the oil & gas industry that will enable the development of new standards under the Clean Air Act.  EPA has issued the Information Collection Request (ICR).  Response to the ICR is mandatory; response time depends on the whether a Part 1 “Operator Survey” (60‐day response) or Part 2 “Detailed Facility Survey” (180‐day response) is issued.  The ICR applies to operations related to upstream oil and gas production and natural gas processing and transmission.

eSPARC has decades of experience managing air quality programs for asset managers across the US.  Whether you need to construct your game-plan or develop air emissions estimates from scratch, the eSPARC oil and gas team can help you respond to this unprecedented EPA data request.

Click here and read the attached document below Oil and Gas ICR Services to learn how eSPARC can help you respond to the EPA’s Oil and Gas Information Collection Request.